Toyota Tacoma Bed Basket

Here are designs for making a bed basket for a toyota tacoma specifically, but the dimensions can be easily modified to fit any other truck. This design took 40ft on 14 gauge 1″ box and 10 feet of 11 gauge 1″ box.

drafting bed basket









Final Product:



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5 Responses to “Toyota Tacoma Bed Basket”

  1. Jordan says:

    Great looking basket!

    What did you design in order to mount the basket in the bed rails?


    • miles says:


      This tacoma had the utility rails on each side. I made square washers with nuts welded to them to slide into the rails and then the basket could bolt to the nuts in the rails. You can also see in the pictures the little feet at each corner that distribute the load onto the bed rails rather than the utility rack system so the basket can hold more than the 100lb limit of the utility rack. So the basket just bolted to the utility rack so it didn’t slide or get taken while the weight is carried by the bed rails.

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  3. Hunter says:

    This is awesome! I wish i had the resources to build one of my own for my frontier. I think I would be great to incorperate it to slide in and out of the utilitrack system. I guess I will have to find someone to build me one! Great job

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