Backing Up An iPhone

Here are some instructions I wrote for a friend hopefully they work universally.

To Create the Backup:

Step 1:

Download and install Open SSH and BSD Subsystem in installer

Step 2:

Now connect your iPhone to the same WiFi network your computer is connected to. Then go to Settings>WiFi and click the small blue arrow next to the network you are connected to. Now write down the local ip address. Also turn off auto lock.

Step 3:

Once you have installed Open SSH and BSD Subsystem and written down the IP you can get on your computer and download Putty and run it on your computer. Once it asks you for a username type root the password it alpine, however if you have firmware version 1.0.x then the password is dottie.

Step 4:

Now that you are in you can run commands on your iPhone. Fist type

cd /

this will take you to the root directory on the filesystem. Now you can backup the system type

tar cpvzf myBackup.tgz /Applications /var/mobile/

this will backup your applications and music.

If for some reason the backup fails type

rm myBackup.tgz

Step 5:

Now you can login to your iPhone using the program winscp with the same username and password used above. You will now see the iPhone filesystem navigate to the / directory and you will see your myBackup.tgz file. You can copy it to your computer for future use.

To Restore the Backup:

Step 1:

Login using winscp and copy your backup file to the / directory.

Step 2:

Now login using putty and run the command

cd /


tar xpzf myBackup.tgz

and that should restore you apps and settings on your hacked iphone.

**Use this info at your own risk. I am not responsable for anything that resuslts from the use of this article.**

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