Air Conditioning Backpack

Have you ever wanted a backpack that not only carries things but also keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Now you can have it all by making a backpack that uses peltier units to warm and cool you.

Thanks to my friend Max for allowing me to assist in the creation of this backpack. For complete instructions on how to make your own visit his site




1 x Jansport backpack
2 x 91.2W 12V Peltier Units
2 x Processor Heat Sinks w/ Fan
1 x Tube of Thermal Gel
1-2 x 12V  7.7 Amp-Hour 5lbs Lead Acid battery
2 x Different Size Tupperware Containers
1 x 8.5×11 Piece of Sheet Metal
1 x Switch
Spare Wire


Attach the Peltier units and heat sinks to the piece of sheet metal to allow uniform heat distribution. Also drill holes along the perimeter of the sheet metal to sew it into the backpack.


Using the tupperware containers make a cover to protect the fans and peltier units while they operate in the backpack.


Then just wire it up, put it in the backpack, and enjoy the fruit of your labor.


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  2. auto says:

    Look, I’m a miserable bastard who’s invented things on par with the greatest “tesla,diesel,eli whitney” and can’t get anywhere with them cause I’m broke, no one understands their operation and my education “wintering in libraries while homeless” is frowned upon. I can say “dumb” because I’ve done better, the “backpack” can’t change the world “en’masse” but the 13yrs I’ve spent developing and refining my alternative technologies can and I’ll I want to do is prove it, all I need is a taste of success otherwise everything is nothing to me. So pardon me 4 being a big dink, I just can’t help it + I earned it. 😉

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    Plant the seeds of expectation in your mind; cultivate thoughts that anticipate achievement. Believe in yourself as being capable of overcoming all obstacles and weaknesses…

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