Spherical Piston Engine

Spherical Golubev's Machine (SGM)

Able to achieve horsepower ratings equivalent to piston engines in only one-half or one-quarter their size, the Spherical Golubev’s Machine (SGM) offers a unique approach to creating rotation that is small, highly reliable, and that places balanced, uniform loads on its parts. For example, a 500 HP, 5-liter engine measures 430mm x 430mm x 450mm (a cube less than two feet on a side).

The SGM can be used as an internal combustion engine (Otto or Diesel cycles), as an external combustion engine (Stirling, Brighton, and Ericsson cycles), as a steam engine with Renkin cycle and at extreme parameters such as 30,000 rpm and high torque. Other applications include air compressors, pumps, and motors, such as an air- or hydraulic-driven motor. A valve-less design is possible even as a four-stroke engine.

A key feature of the SGM is its fully balanced design. All forces are compensated by other forces. The balanced nature of the machine reduces friction, loads its bearings uniformly, and produces zero side forces on pistons and working chamber walls, thus improving the lifetime of the machine. Balanced forces make it possible to use more common or less expensive materials, such as aluminum, and to eliminate steel cylinder sleeves.


Because the machine can have a large number of “cylinders” (6-20), it has low torque and flow ripple. Some cylinders can be switched off during operation to lower output power and fuel consumption. A unique feature of the machine in a compressor application is that a two-stage compressor can be constructed with one stage built inside the other to save space.

The SGM requires fewer parts than an axial piston machine—the total parts list is about 200 pieces.

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