Machining Projects

Here are some cool beginner and intermediate project ideas to make on a mill and lathe. As I find and build more things I will update this page.

Stepped Paper Weight:

This was done by turning each 1/4″ on the top down to a uniformly smaller dimeter and every 1/8″ on the bottom down by 1/2 the diameter of the 1/4″ part.


Irremovable Ring:

This was done by turning the inside down while leaving a disk in the center that was then cut free using a hook-tool.



Small desk lamp. It consists of a flat base plate of  aluminum. I drilled and taped a hole in the base for the stem which was threaded and turned on a lathe. I then fly cut the base for a nice finish. There is a hole that is threaded in the top of the stem for a lamp socket to screw into.

Lamp Socket Kit



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