Honda CB 360 Battery Relocation for Pod Filters

The factory location of the battery on the honda cb360 does not provide enough space to fit aftermarket air filers. With the price of factory air boxes increasing and their availability decreasing I set out to relocate my battery to allow aftermarket air filters to be easily installed. While many get around this problem by running a battery delete system or very small battery under the seat I wanted to run a larger battery to maintain a reserve for nighttime driving and electric start. Note, my battery is slightly shorter than the original battery by about 1-2″.


First, I removed the battery box from the CB and cutout the mounting tabs from the frame to open space to mount the battery sideways rather than the factory lengthwise orientation.


With the battery box out, I cut the entire bottom of the battery tray off to weld a piece of 16 gauge sheet metal as a new flat base.


With a new base welded on the battery tray, I cut and relocated the starter solenoid mount, removed the frame mounting brackets, and welded new mounts for the voltage regulator and rectifier (originally under the tray). I also added new mounts to weld the tray to the frame and space it below the frame tubes to prevent the battery contacts from shoring on the frame.



I also recut the tray to allow the battery to be installed from the side rather than dropping down from the top. I welded two studs on the sides of the try to allow wing nuts to secure a strap to prevent the battery from falling out the side. I also added a strap across the top to prevent the battery from bouncing up and contacting the frame.



Final clearance and pod filters installed. Note if running pod filters to will need to rejet and modify the carburetors to prevent the engine from running lean at high rpm.


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  1. Ryan Unger says:

    Great mod! Exactly what battery did you use for this?

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