Ford Model A Body Dimensions

A pretty complete list of 1928, 1929, 1930, 1931 model a ford  dimensioned body drawings. Click any image to enlarge it. Special thanks to DeuceGuy for allowing us to use his images. Please check his site for updates and larger versions of the images.

Model A Cutaway

Model AA Chassis

28-29 Business Coupe

28-29 Cabriolet

28-29 Coupe

28-29 Fordor Sedan

28-29 Phaeton

28-29 Roadster

28-29 Sport Coupe

28-29 Station Wagon

28-29 Taxicab

28-29 Town Car

28-29 Town Sedan

28-29 Tudor Sedan

30-31 3-Window Fordor Sedan

30-31 Convertible Sedan

30-31 Coupe

30-31 Phaeton

30-31 Roadster

30-31 RPU

30-31 Sport Coupe

30-31 Station Wagon

30-31 Town Sedan

30-31 Tudor

30-31 Victoria

Model A PU

AA Information:

Model AA Chassis

Model AA Truck

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20 Responses to “Ford Model A Body Dimensions”

  1. Martin Simon says:

    I posess a 31 Deluxe Delivere and i think the floor construction is a bit different than on the tudor sedan its based on.There is a notch,sort off,that heightens the floor just behind the front seats,there are no rear sets because its a delivery.I just wanted to see how its made because i have to move the seats bacward due to my body lengths of 6’8″??

  2. terry says:

    does anyone know the dimensions of the 1929 model a pickup doors??

  3. Harry says:

    Im looking for a Blueprint or Sketch for the Wood roof inside the Ford B 1932 Tudor. Or gives any books for it?

    Thank you very much.

  4. Clyde Melvin says:

    Does anyone know the weight of a 1929 ton and a half model a truck?

  5. Josephcrype says:

    oizd nn tracking

  6. Mike says:

    Does anyone have diagrams of body wood for 1930/31 sedan deliverys. I’m buying one and would like to see wood structure in car. I have a sedan but I’m told there completely different. Any help would be appreciated. And a company name that makes wood. Thanks, mike

  7. Could some one give me the SEAT specifications for a 1930 Model-A. I Would like both front and back.

    I shall be very grateful in someone could help me.

    Thanks and Regards.
    Maniraj Gandham

  8. Sandy Brandt says:

    Thank you for sharing these amazing drawings. I am so glad that I get have the honor of seeing them.

  9. Jeff Froehle says:

    Restoring a 30 Model A std phaeton and cannot find a diagram for the interior wood. Any resources you could provide? Thanks for any help.

  10. Earl Hooper says:

    To register my 1930 Town Car (Model a) I need the cars weight. Is it somewhere on this site? or where can I find it.


  11. Jakkie Blom says:

    I got a 31 Town Sedan drawing, how can I email it to you?

    • miles says:

      Hi Jakkie,
      We are always looking to improve the site and add more content! If you want to email the highest resolution drawing you have to we will add it to the page and can give you credit below the drawing or a link to your site.


  12. lynn begley says:

    where does the wood go between the frame and body of 1931 A you have pictures or a diagram. I am building one but i’m stuck.

  13. jimmy says:

    wow awesome dude

  14. Raymond Gork says:

    Would it be possible to have side-view, front and rear-view, and plan of a 29 or 30 (in fact any year) Model A closed delivery? They don’t have to be detailed – I need them to make a wood model.
    Many thanks

  15. fer says:

    me prodrian decir en que unidad estan dadas las medidas de los criquies o cuerpos.
    gracias salidos

  16. Patricio says:

    I’m looking for the wood floor blueprint for the Model A 1930 Deluxe Sedan. I can not find any floor diagram in the web nor in the books that I have (one is the one that you are showing here)

    Thanks a lot
    Patricio Devereux

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