Artillary range part 2

With Miles guidance (Article),I went to the range and found some more stuff. I have 2 20mm rounds, 3 .50 cal casings, a hundred plus .50 cal bullets and at least that many links. The icing on the cake is a 80mm mortar point detonating nose cone. I will go back as I have found the bombing range and just have to explore it.

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  1. BombingRangeExplorer says:

    I have been out to both target circles, tho I have noticed that there are 4 targets on the map, but cannot see them on aerial views like on google earth. I have taken my friends out to the smaller gunnery circles, in total we have found endless 50 caliber bullets and after venturing further started findi my endless 20mm bullets. We have picked up 11 .50 cal casings in total and I have a grenade pin I found just along the flight strip. I was wondering where I could find a 20mm casing or if they used artillery, larger casings. I see it has been over 10 years ago since you guys have been posting this stuff, so I wouldn’t expect there to be as much stuff there as you guys have found, but my dream is to find an intact dummy bomb or some piece of a mortar. What should I look for when trying to find one of those?

  2. miles says:

    Where did you go to find this stuff? I would love to find some non .50 cal stuff.

    • jonny blaze says:

      This stuff was found down the first powerline road to the right right when the white gravel stops. I went down that powerline trail about 2 miles before I stopped, thats where I found the 20mm rounds and the nose cone.

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