Golf Ball Cannon

Here is some info on building a blackpowder cannon capable of shooting golf balls or other small items. Please be aware that this article is for informational purposes only and any damage/danger that results from use of any part of this article is not our fault. Also please check the legality of building such a device in your area before construction.

Step 1:

First you must select a very thick wall (for a golf ball we used a 3/8″ thick pipe) piece of tubing with an inside diameter of slightly more than the object you will be shooting. The projectile should be able to move freely inside the barrel without binding or being too snug to move.


Step 2:

After selecting a piece of pipe to use for the barrel of the cannon you must cap one end of the pipe by welding a equally thick piece of plate to the rear of the pipe.

Step 3:

First trace out the outside diameter of the pipe on a piece of plate and then cut it out. Then make a chamber for the gunpowder to be held in so that when the gunpowder is lit it all goes off at once and doesn’t burn slowly. This chamber allows the gunpowder to be packed tightly together, allowing it to ignite rapidly.


Step 4:

Now drill a small hole for your fuse to go though inside the power chamber. Try and make this hole as small as possible so that the pressure will not escape through this hole and so you will not create a failure point in the cannon.

Step 5:

Have the end cap welded on by a licensed welder to ensure that this will not fail and turn your cannon into a deadly bomb.

Step 6:

Now your cannon is complete, unless you would like to add wheels or an axle so that the cannon has more stability. When you fire your cannon be sure to use it in a location that will not endanger anyone, including yourself, if a failure should occur.

Here some images of the cannon firing blanks:




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