Onboard Power Inverter

I recently installed a 750W power inverter in my blazer so I could simply plug any small 120VAC appliance into the truck without hassle.


  1. 2 Outlet Plugs click here
  2. 1 Power Inverter click here
  3. 12 Gauge wire (approximately 10 feet)*
  4. 4 Gauge wire (approximately 6 feet)*
  5. Zip Ties

Optional (To add a switch to remotely control the power supply):

  1. Extra wire
  2. Switch
  3. Crimp Connectors


First I decided to install an outlet in the cab of the truck for lights, TV’s, phone chargers, etc and then add a 2nd outlet into the front of the truck for power tools, work lamps, etc.

I installed the first outlet right above the 12v power outlet in the cab so it was easy to access and all my power needs were consolidated.


Then I installed a second outlet in the front grille of my truck right next to the 24v quick connect.



Originally I decided to install the power inverter in the extra room of my engine compartment, but decided against it as there is too much heat to keep the electronics cool. Therefore I decided to mount it under the dash so it stays cool.


* Lengths may vary based on where the inverter and outlets are installed. Use string to measure first.

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