The Chivo Falls Trail

Chivo falls is a moderate trail system with obstacles and routes ranging from easy/moderate to moderate/challenging. There are fun spots for both experienced and inexperienced drivers. The trail is located off of Reddington Rd which begins at the east end of Tanque Verde Rd.The falls are a very rewarding site and a nice place to have lunch or just hang out. Three feathers which is on the way to the falls is also a great place to test your skill and rigs capability or simply continue on to the falls. I recommend spending the day out there as there are many places to enjoy and explore out there other than the falls. Also while you are in the area you should visit Chimney Rock for some more fun wheeling and rock crawling.

Rating: 3/5


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  1. […] The trail to chimney rock is easy and can be traversed by 2wd vehicles. The rocks themselves are much more challenging than the trail in and has many obstacles that require 4wd. There are spots for everyone to enjoy there and most of the area can be accessed by easier routes. If you want to play on the rocks you will need more than stock ground clearance for many of the obstacles. There is a 2nd trail into chimney rock that requires 4wd and is fairly narrow, but I have not been on it so I cannot provide much insight. The legality of wheeling on the rocks is questionable as the rocks are not technically on any forest service numbered trail so you are technically wheeling “off a designated road” which is illegal, however, this is a popular place to wheel and camp. While you are in the area I suggest you also visit Chivo Falls and Three Feathers. […]

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