1984 M1009 CUCV (aka Military Blazer)

Here are some pictures of my “new” Blazer. It is an ’84 M1009 CUCV which is basically a Chevrolet K5 Blazer modified for military use. Some of the changes are 3/4 ton suspension (however it still has 1/2 ton axles), 12/24V split electrical system, and a 6.2L Detroit Diesel power plant. I am currently running it on waste oil from restaurants. I am able to do this with a stock diesel by filtering the waste oil to 5 microns and thinning it with some diesel and an additive. It works out to be less than a dollar a gallon in the end.   🙂  I will be posting information on my filtering setup for the waste oil soon so check back in a few weeks.


Reddington Failness





Here are some pictures after cracking the transfer case housing while 4 wheeling.


The new housing:


Transmission Re-casing:

Here are some pictures from when we discovered the drive shaft was short the hard way (same time the T-case went).




Some strange shim job (blue and yellow shims aren’t factory) on the main center support in the transmission making it a pain to remove.





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9 Responses to “1984 M1009 CUCV (aka Military Blazer)”

  1. Yankee Redneck says:

    I just bought an 84 yesterday that seems to be in awesome shape. Does anyone know of where i can buy parts such as gasket seals for tye top and new window sweeps?

  2. kris says:

    Hi nice m1009, what size lift and tires are you running on it?

  3. 8262 says:

    Nice, I also have a CUCV. I’m running it on a blend of unleaded gas and WVO. the mix is about 1 gallon of gas:5 of WVO.

    keep on!!

  4. Keith Crews says:

    Great blazer , do you still have it? I just got an identical 1984 M1009. Wondering about any problems inherent in diesel especially. Thanks, Keith

    • miles says:

      Yes I still have it and it is a great truck. If the injector pump has never been replaced it is probably on it’s way to going bad as most do after 25 or 100,000 miles. Also make sure you have a water separator in the fuel line if you are not using the stock filter assembly. Most of the time the diesels run pretty well.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Great site!!!

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